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2334 2008-10-28 11:23:52 Tom Hall Re: K5IRK/W7ZOI Receiver
John Lawson wrote:

"Wes's new IF Board and S-meter circuits work great in my "test bed" PR."

Hi John,

I built a Progressive Receiver for 20 meters years ago using boards from
Circuit Board Specialists. You can see that I used a modular approach:

I was wondering what difference, if any, you noticed when using the HYCAS

Tom, AK2B

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2336 2008-10-28 15:59:23 john lawson Re: K5IRK/W7ZOI Receiver
Tom, I'm going to defer most of this question to Wes as he can better answer it from a design comparison standpoint, which is what I believe you are looking for. He actually did the design work of the RX and deserves all the credit.
From my standpoint I saw a lively AGC action kickin at the threshold setting on the
S-Meter and the gain was more than enough to be used in the RX but NOT too much for the intended design. The new IF board has more gain than the orginal IF board had when the orginal PR was published in 1981...My version was slightly different from the final version in the Dec. 07 QST as I used a step up FT37-43 core rather than the L network that was used in the final version to step the input impedence up to 3.3K on the gate of Q2. Other than that it's identical. Thanks for the Photo...looks like you put in alot of effort and I know you will enjoy the RX for many years to come....Best 73, John K5IRK

2338 2008-10-29 12:25:31 Tom Hall Re: K5IRK/W7ZOI Receiver
2340 2008-10-29 13:23:31 timshoppa Re: K5IRK/W7ZOI Receiver
2341 2008-10-29 20:51:02 john lawson Re: K5IRK/W7ZOI Receiver
Hi Tom, I encourage you to experiment with both IF boards in your PR and decide for youself which one you would prefer in your very own PR receiver. Enjoy the process and experimentation,,,,,73, John K5IRK

2403 2008-11-14 11:30:34 Russell Smith Re: K5IRK/W7ZOI Receiver
TNX, Tim et al.  I got the ckt up and running!


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