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2332 2008-10-27 18:30:14 ken_ketner2 Hello, and FLEA question
Howdy folks:

Thanks for allowing me to attend this group. I was attracted by the web page for the FLEA
TRX. I hope to build one.

Would anyone know of a source for a finished PC Board as shown on the web page? I could
lash one up with the crude methods available to me, but I would probably have a better
machine if there were a pre-fabricated board available.

I love to tinker with circuits, homebrew in both tubes and solidstate. I am not on the air
much - more fun to tinker. I have a bunch of QRP rigs made up over the years, and a pile
of older Ham tube gear such as Swan, Hallicrafters, Drake, Galaxy, Heathkit.

I notice that a tube version of the FLEA is being planned. I wanted to mention that in the
COMPACTRON series of tubes, one can find many multiple tubes in one envelope. For
instance there are pentode/triodes and triple triodes, and a number of other
combinations. The base is 12 pin, and filaments come in 6, 12, or a number of other
values. I have had no trouble obtaining them from Antique Radio Supply.


Ken Ketner
PO Box 65135
Lubbock, TX 79464
2335 2008-10-28 14:07:44 Joan Morros, EA3F... Re: Hello, and FLEA question
Hi, Kent.
Thanks for your enthusiasm.
If you have problems with the PCB trial the ugly method, is very easy. Very less component = very less work = very less time = very less money. = FLEA CW transceiver.
Tx = "Cubic Incher" ( approved by ARRL).
Rx =
a) bias stability is not critical. It does not need adjustments.
(the oscillator runs without bias in TX!)
b) Sensibility: better than 0.7 uV (approx S2)
c) Crystal selectivity
d) Crystal stability in RX and TX
e) Full-break cw operation
f) Rx clarifier (+/- 500 Hertz.) (changing de bias point of the
g) conectable to soundcard of your PC to do digital filtering
More information: Visit http://ea3fxf.googlepages.com/flea
The FLEA is free.
73, Juan (EA3FXF) y Eduardo (EA3GHS)

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