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2316 2008-10-25 08:52:10 rotfunkblau IP3 Simulation with Spice

trying to do IP3 simulation with Spice (SwitcherCad III) I did not
get any useful results. Does anyone has practical experience. At
least from theory this should be possible.

Simulation time 6ms, 10ms, 20ms, maximum time step 10ns, 20ns,50ns

I see digital noise and strange frequencies poping up when doing the
FFT on the output. With increasing the simulation time these
disturbing frequencies are getting lower. But others pop up. Seems
that calculation errors sum up. This is independend from the FFT size
and FFT window type.

Seems I get not enough "digital calcutation dynamics". But maybe
there is a trick or some rule which I don't know. In the worst case
Spice is not able to provide the needed accuracy.

73 de Guenter
2317 2008-10-25 10:18:02 Gary Johnson Re: IP3 Simulation with Spice

There is a Yahoo group for LTSpice, and is definitely worth joining. Searching for IIP3, I
found a recent post by DL4SDC (how about that coincidence
2318 2008-10-25 11:11:25 rotfunkblau Re: IP3 Simulation with Spice
Hello Gary,

thanks for your answer, since I am not aware of this group I am
wondering how my call sign is used in this group ?!

73 de Guenter

2319 2008-10-25 11:11:28 rotfunkblau Re: IP3 Simulation with Spice
Correction: it is not my call, it is only very similar, but I don't
know that guy.

73 de Guenter