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2309 2008-10-24 00:08:00 brainerd@wildblue... New Prototype Boards on Order
I have prototype boards on order for 4 new board designs(25 of each). These are

UHFSDR - Transceiver uses Si570 or external osc and covers 1.8 MHz to 700 MHz. Output
power >100mW. Either 1(combination rec and transmit) or 2(separate rec and transmit)
antennas can be used.

RLC Meter - This is a PCB for the RLC LMS meter in the Oct 2005 QST and QEX. I plan on
a pats kit for this as well.

QSE - This is an exciter to go with the 995x or an external oscillator. Output power should
be >500mW. The RF amp has been changed from the original prototype plus the errors
found were(hopefully) corrected.

1KW Diplexer - This is a 1KW low pass filter with a lower power high pass filter with output
to a "dump" resister. This ensures the amp sees near 50 ohms at all frequencies. One
board would be needed per band. The board contains 2 relays to switch the filter in and out
of circuit. I plan on offering parts kits for 80 - 10 meters. The board is 8 by 2 inches using
.126 inch FR4 with 2 oz copper.

Data can be accessed from my "Under development" page. I just posted schematics, board
layouts, and BOM's.

Dave - WB6DHW