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2268 2008-10-17 01:09:56 Heikki Ahola (OH... Carrier oscillator drift revisited
Hello group,

I have just learned that the 20 Hz drift I did bring up earlier in
this group is really an issue when one picks up an operating mode like
WSPR (by Joe Taylor K1JT). I have been experimenting with this mode
about a week and my reception seems to be OK ! My txing, however,
suffers from this famous 20 Hz drift and makes decoding quite
impossible for the others. They see my (sometimes loud) signal in the
ir waterfall but no decoding takes place.

This gives me some additional momentum to do something about the drift
in a speeded-up schedule. This is also a good example of the frequency
stability required these days ! According to the hams in WSPR
community only abt 2 Hz is allowed during a period of two minutes.
Nothing spectacular for modern commercial gear but something to pay
attention to when homebrewing...

73 de Heikki (OH2LZI)