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2258 2008-10-15 18:50:40 Art billet aluminum project boxes for sale
Hi all,

I have some nice solid aluminum 2 piece project boxes for sale. The
outside dimensions are 4" by 6" by 1"(H). Each has 2 SMC panel mount
rf connectors installed and a bank of 6 1300 pF feedthrough caps
installed as well. Available as a bare box ($10) or with rf
connectors and a nice teflon wire wiring harness already connected to
the bank of feedthroughs ($13).

These are heavy, so International shipping is cost prohibitive.

While supplies last.

Pictures and information at:


Anyone interested in project boxes should have a look at my
miscellaneous for sale list too, items on this list ship free if
purchased with a project box.


Please reply to me rather than making comments on the list.