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2240 2008-10-13 11:31:46 ha5rxz Attention Manhattan Constructors
As this message is slightly commercial I have cleared publication with
Wes, W7ZOI first. He said it was OK to post.

Attention 'Manhattan' Constructors

I am currently negotiating with a manufacturer of perf board for the
production of a special run of Eurocard PCB's (100mm x 160mm or 3.93
inches x 6.3 inches). These cards will have the unplated copper strips
present BUT WITHOUT THE HOLES, they will therefore be ideal for making
the pads underneath IC sockets and any other device in a DIP package.

There will be an initial production run of fifty PCBs at a price of
4.03 GBP plus carriage and these boards will sold directly by the
manufacturer (they can restock quickly if there is demand). There is a
minimum order of four boards. I do not know if this product will
become a success but if it does then a further (larger) run may
follow. If you are interested in this product please send an email to
manhattanpcb@gmail.com and indicate how many PCBs you would be
interested in purchasing. The fate of this product is therefore in
your hands.

Amateurs should note that I will make nothing from this deal. The
manufacturer is making this sample production run after an initial
suggestion from me as they are seeking new products to bring to market.