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206 2006-11-20 22:08:03 michael taylor Recommended reading for practical FM receiver design
I was wondering if there are any recommended reading, kits, projects,
schematics available that leans towards being reasonably practical for
designing a FM receiver.

I was initially thinking of building a superhet broadcast band FM
receiver, but schematics and "cookbook" style articles appears to be
less common than I expected.

Sources like EMRFD and ARRL Handbook briefly mention FM and cover
block diagrams, but they are light (EMRFD admits it) with practical

The other issue I've had is many designs are based upon obsolete ICs,
which while I can find often find surplus sources today, there is no
guarantee those sources will last for any length of time. Previously
common chips like Motorola/OnSemi/Freescale's MC3361/61/71/72 &
MC15156, TDA7000 and many of that family from Philips/NXP, and Sanyo's
LA1800 are now obsolete.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,

-Michael Taylor, VE3TIX
207 2006-11-21 14:19:58 Rick Re: Recommended reading for practical FM receiver design
Hi Michael,

I recommend "Solid State Radio Engineering" (SSRE) by Krauss, Bostian,
and Raab, which does a good job of presenting and explaining discrete
component design of FM broadcast receivers. It is old enough (1980)
that it avoids specialized ICs, and was a popular book so you should be
able to find a copy at a library or on-line used book store. Also, I
would obtain the schematics of commercial solid state FM receivers and
study them. Many FM broadcast receiver IF components are available
from Mouser.

Incidently, Fritz Raab, one of the authors of SSRE, is active on 500
kHz with an experimental license. His picture is in the latest issue
(December '06) of QST.

Best Regards,

Rick kk7b