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19 2006-07-15 08:52:15 Steven S. Coles Introduction to Radio Frequency Design by Wes Hayward Arrived

Introduction to Radio Frequency Design by Wes Hayward arrived
Thursday. It applies community-college level complex algebra,
linear (matrix) algebra, LaPlace transforms, and partial
differential equations to communications circuit design. A good
part of the transmission-line chapter can be mastered with only
graphing skills. IRFD adds an extra level of power to EMRFD.

While EMRFD stands very well alone, a person with even a nodding
acquaintance with complex algebra and matrices from a high-school
algebra class can increase filter analysis and small-signal
transistor design abilities using Introduction to Radio Frequency
Design. To avoid confusion with current, electronics design uses j
where math books use i in complex numbers. Otherwise the notation
generally matches.

If anyone's struggling to regain the math skills a group this size
should be able to assist.