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1882 2008-08-06 15:53:47 chuck adams DSO2250
I went to their web page and it seems to
be having problems. Price was at $0 and
the weight was way off, as pointed out by
others in previous posts. It may take them
some time to get reorganized.

I have a bunch of screen shots in


The file is a few MBs right now.

It is work in progress and the screenshots
do not have an explanation as of today.
Give me a few more days. I have a BIG
project that I'm trying to complete this
weekend and it's eating up my cycles.

In the meantime you might brush up
on FFTs and the different schemes being
displayed --- rectangular, hanning, hamming,
and blackman.

Also what freqs you get when you mix
f_0 and f_1. Think of the sampling
frequency being one of the two.

I am hoping that the rush to this scope
does not cause a significant increase in
its price and the political pot-shots are
uncalled for in this forum. Please don't
do that. It would be appreciated by
all concerned.


chuck adams, k7qo