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1698 2008-06-10 20:21:38 Wes Hayward Free SMT parts
Hi all,

I got an update from Bob, KE6F, and he still has some of those free
samples of BF998 Dual Gate MOSFETs. He has more stuff too. So
get 'em while they are still hot. Details are on my web page at


73, Wes
1700 2008-06-12 07:02:04 chris_yipyap_com Re: Free SMT parts
I got a pinch of BF998's from Bob about a year ago and finally I'm
getting around to doing something with them. Using VE7BPO's web page
about his WWV receiver, I'm attempting to build a groundwave WWV TRF
receiver to use as a local frequency standard: just grab that 10Mhz
right out of the air and send it into the back of my counter.

I don't know why, but I couldn't just do what VE7BPO did.
I'm running the BF998's swapped in where VE7BPO was using 40673s.
I have his double-tuned filter, than a single stage amp, then his 3
crystal filter than another single stage amp. The BF998's seem to be
doing a good job, I've got a good strong 10Mhz signal. But I need to
adjust my biasing a little, I think. My o-scope shows some flattening
in the downward peaks. But having a good time. Next I need to do
impedance transformati