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1576 2008-04-21 19:31:41 w8fgqrp KA7EXM Power meter
Hello All,

Wondering ( Since Kanga has been out of service ) if someone can tell
me how I may acquire a complete kit for the KA7EXM power meter? I have
reached a place in my experiments and building where I know I need
one. I like the look and design of the KA7EXM meter, but I guess if I
cannot find one I will buy the M3 at Dayton.

73 Thanks for the bandwidth

1579 2008-04-22 09:18:26 michael taylor Re: KA7EXM Power meter
1580 2008-04-22 09:23:18 michael taylor Re: KA7EXM Power meter
1584 2008-04-23 09:28:13 w8fgqrp Re: KA7EXM Power meter
1585 2008-04-23 15:09:19 w4zcb77 Re: KA7EXM Power meter
> Thanks for the reply, I thought I would ask here because I tried
> sending Roger email directly and never got a response. Sure wish I
> had got one of the Kanga kits when Bill first released them.
> 73 Seth , W8FG

Seth, I sent this as a private e-mail. It didn't bounce, but I
suspect you haven't received it. Reply off list if you're interested.
Dunno whether you're adamant about building your own or not, but a
good friend (W8LI) died recently of Lou Gehrigs disease and I'm
disposing of his estate. One of the items is a WA7EXM power meter.
In new condition, matches the levels out of a 8640B to those that my
unit reads. Would be happy to ship for $75 plus shipping from NC.

1587 2008-04-23 22:24:10 Roger Hayward Re: KA7EXM Power meter
Greetings to the group.

All the info that we have on the meter is at ka7exm.net . Bill of
Kanga is still regrouping from the floods.

Between the PC boards and the programmed CPU, and one order to
digikey, you should be able to build the meter. (Analog Devices'
parts are available from Digikey as well!)

My email still works fine from this end. ka7exm@gmail.com is the best
address to use. ka7exm@yahoo.com works as well.

Thanks everyone for their inquiries recently