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1569 2008-04-20 19:08:55 Art rf parts for sale
Hi all,

I have the following for sale.


MSA-1105 MMIC's, these are new parts, still on the reel. These are
lower gain than some, but are very linear and known to
operate at HF without oscillating. $1.50 each, 10 for $13.00 or 50
for $55, I have about 55 left.

10,000 pF @ 70v, 10 amp feedthrough caps, Tusonix #400-035, just in.
They are the small diameter and short 4-40
threaded feedthroughs with a star washer and nut. All hardware, the
body of the cap and the lead is silver plated.
They are fully spec'd at the Tusonix website. $.90 cents each or 12 for $10.

Other Tusconix Feedthrough Caps
3 3/$1 100 pF @ 300v 5A gold, solder into 1/8 inch hole 4300-000
6 3/$1 500 pF @ 300v 5A gold, solder into 1/8 inch hole 4300-001
4 3/$1 100 pF @ 300v 5A silver, 4-40 w/nut 4400-000
3 2/$1 500 pF @ 300v 5A silver, 4-40 w/nut 4400-001
6 2/$1 1000 pF @ 200v 20A, silver plated, solder into .190 inch hole
2 2/$1 1000 pF @ 300v 20A, silver plated, solder into .190 inch hole
4 2/$1 1000 pF @ 100v, silver plated brass 8-32 threads 2425-003-X7T0-102P
2 2/$1 1000 pF @ 500v 20A, solder into .160 inch hole 2404-000-X5U0-102P

SMA gold PCB mount (vertical) connectors, new in original packaging.
Digikey #A24691-ND, made by AMP (now Tyco),
AMP #221789-1. $2.50 each or 8 for $17.

Flat rate shipping to US is $2.50 (uninsured), I will waive any
shipping charge for an order over $20.

Flat rate international shipping is $4.00 (uninsured), I will waive
the shipping fee for orders over $30.

I will also accept US Postal Money Orders sent via snail mail to my
callbook address. If you do intend to pay by mail, send
me an email so I can set your order aside.

Free shipping if ordered with a DDS kit.

Online Paypal ordering available, go to
http://wb6dhw.com/For_Sale.html#995x and click on the 995x Parts Group Buy link
on the left hand side of the screen. Then, use the 'partial kits'
link at the bottom of this page and enter in the amount when