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15273 2019-05-10 10:13:00 mvtgcmotzj4yrql42... Siglent or Rigol spectrum analyzer

I am looking for a new spectrum analyzer to 3GHz with tracking generator for amateur hobby projects, sweeping filters etc.

Is the Rigol or Siglent best?

15274 2019-05-10 10:20:24 Clint Re: Siglent or Rigol spectrum analyzer

I had the Rigol 815 with tracking generator and replaced it with the Siglent SSA-3021X last year.  The Siglent has a number of improvements over the Rigol.  The main selling point for me was the better tracking generator dynamic range on the Siglent.   I can now sweep crystal filters and see a 100 db dynamic range.  I can send you a comparison that I made between the two models.  There are also some nice Youtube videos that compare the two units.





15275 2019-05-10 11:37:38 Jim Strohm Re: Siglent or Rigol spectrum analyzer
The Siglent SSA-3021X is priced around $1400 right now on the Siglent website.  The Rigol DSA832E, which is a more capable unit, is at $2000.  The DSA815 is at $1200 but appears to be discontinued.

How much joy do you want?  If I were buying new, I'd go with the Rigol DSA832E because it goes to 3 GHz.  As it is, I have surplus-gear capabilities to go higher than that, just without a tracking generator.  


15276 2019-05-10 22:25:03 mvtgcmotzj4yrql42... Re: Siglent or Rigol spectrum analyzer
They have the 3.2 GHz model on sale now, however I am uncertain if Rigol or Siglent has the best spec in this range of analyzers (I read something about not enough trackin gen. dynamic range due to leakage?). I need coverage and tracking to above 2.5 GHz. https://www.siglent.eu/siglent-ssa3032x-spectrum-analyzer.html