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15218 2019-01-13 10:42:10 wchulley identifying a mystery part...

GM - I was recently given a few RCA parts that I haven't been able to identify. The part numbers appear to be 533279, 533280, and 533281 and they are TO-8, 12 lead metal cans. They were mixed in with some CA30xx parts. I have a photo of one here:


Hopefully someone here can unstump me. Any ideas as to what these are?

thx and 73 de bill K7WXW

15219 2019-01-13 12:32:31 Dana Myers Re: identifying a mystery part...
15220 2019-01-13 17:10:41 augustinetez Re: identifying a mystery part...
I think you'll find they are house numbers.

Had a look through some early 70's RCA databooks and those numbers don't show up at all and there were no IC's of that style in mid 60's RCA databook.

Slight correction - package style is TO-5 according to the 70's databooks.

Terry VK5TM
15221 2019-01-14 15:55:44 wchulley Re: identifying a mystery part...
Terry, fumble fingers... TO-5 it is.  I agree, they are house numbers. I was hoping someone would recognize the number style.  No such luck!

Thanks for the help all. On to Plan B...  Make some assumptions about what they might be and gin up a circuit to see if they behave in a way that helps to identify them.

73 de bill K7WXW