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14989 2018-08-12 03:10:16 peter_dl8ov Regarding Crystal Filters
I have a large bag (I think there are about a hundred) of 4.9152 MHz crystals. They're free to the first board member who replies.

Peter DL8OV

14990 2018-08-12 06:15:39 Fernando Krouwel Re: Regarding Crystal Filters

Hi Peter, good morning:

A very useful aplication for these xtals are to built a (now retired) SSB/CW filter kit from UK Cumbria Designs, which follows in the link:


73' s

Fernando, PY2FZU

14991 2018-08-12 10:32:32 Alan Jones Re: Regarding Crystal Filters
Are they still available?

Al, N8WQ

14992 2018-08-12 10:33:23 Greg Simopoulos Re: Regarding Crystal Filters
Oh yeah, I bet those Crystal's went fast, yes? 


14996 2018-08-13 09:28:41 peter_dl8ov Re: Regarding Crystal Filters
Can't find out how to send PM's
14997 2018-08-13 11:50:09 lmarion finding components
If anyone is building and needs a specific, possibly hard to find part,  post it here or to me directly.
I am 63 and have been an electronic hobbyist since I was 13.  I have a lot of parts.
Its all free to go.
73  Leroy  AB7CE
14998 2018-08-13 12:39:24 Fernando Krouwel Re: Regarding Crystal Filters

Hi Peter, good afternoon:

Thanks for the consideration, but I was only giving tips.

Please, proceed to send them to others interested.


Fernando - PY2FZU

14999 2018-08-13 13:10:11 Dave Daniel Re: Regarding Crystal Filters

I use an email client to receive forum messages, not the web interface. In the Yahoo forum messages that I receive, the original poster's complete email address is listed at the bottom of the message.


15000 2018-08-13 15:46:38 Ronan McAllister Re: Regarding Crystal Filters
Hi Peter,

I'm rekindling my HF QRP rig-building experimentation and would appreciate enough of the same type/frequency that I can find sufficient number of matches for 40M, 80M and other HF filters 

My crystal filter inventory is lacking!

Would be happy to reimburse shipping.
Ronan KB6NHQ

15006 2018-08-15 11:25:03 peter_dl8ov Re: Regarding Crystal Filters
OK, Alan, N8WQ, you're the winner and your crystals will be in the mail this weekend. Please could you confirm that your address on QRZ.com is correct?

Note: there will be a customs declaration on the outside of the package, you may need to pay import duties.


Peter DL8OV
15010 2018-08-15 17:06:33 Alan Jones Re: Regarding Crystal Filters
My mailing address is still good on qrz.com
Thanks for letting me have the crystals.
I will put them to good use!

Al, N8WQ

15023 2018-08-25 09:54:23 Alan Jones Re: Regarding Crystal Filters
Thanks a lot for the crystals. I received them yesterday.
I will be sure to reciprocate and help someone else out when they need it.

Alan, N8WQ

15024 2018-08-25 11:45:15 peter_dl8ov Re: Regarding Crystal Filters
Ten days from Germany to the USA, that was nice and quick!

Peter DL8OV