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1494 2008-03-04 07:06:48 Heikki Ahola (OH... State-of_the-art in RF clipping
Hi group!

Some time ago I managed to finalize my ssb generator very much
according to the guidelines and schematics provided in EMRFD. At the
same time I ran into a new program by VE3NEA, Voice Shaper. This
includes an rf clipper using DSP techniques and after this discovery I
started to doubt the feasibility of my own approach. I would like know
if anyone has used the software and if the results are comparable with
those from more classic designs (amplifier + clipper + crystal
filter). I am aware that Voice Shaper requires a soundcard and a
speedy computer, but since I have my rigs connected to a PC all the
time anyway ,this is no real restriction in my case !

73 de Heikki (OH2LZI)
1495 2008-03-05 06:58:25 w4zcb77 Re: State-of_the-art in RF clipping