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1478 2008-02-28 09:13:59 Jim Miller Ghz Scopes?
I'm interested in doing some VHF work. My current scope is a TEK475 which
works well but is limited to 200Mhz.

Since some of the outputs I'll be working with have fundamentals at 500Mhz
and harmonic content and noise above that I'd like to be able to see at
least 1Ghz.

I'm planning to build a Scotty's spectrum analyzer to see higher ranges than
my W7ZOI unit once I finish it.

I have a laptop computer which I can use as a display surface in the lab as

I'd appreciate any recommendations on scopes, either standalone or PC

As always price is a consideration so I don't plan on buying a brand new HP
or TEK rather something used.

jim ab3cv
1479 2008-02-29 06:52:18 Michael Neverdosk... Re: Ghz Scopes?
One good place for information and hardware is the TekScopes group on YaHoo;

I think you will find the scope fairly easy but the probe not so easy at 1GHz.

michael n6chv

1481 2008-02-29 06:52:34 kerrypwr Re: Ghz Scopes?
Whilst 1 GHz scopes are available, even appearing on ebay,


they are not the instrument of choice for the experimenter; a spectrum
analyser is much more useful at those frequencies.

Just looking at the waveform on a scope doesn't tell you a great deal
about it at RF; an analyser opens a whole new world. I can still
remember initial experiments with my first analyser, an ancient
HP180/8558; my level of understanding doubled overnight!

Although many will say that twice zero is still zero! :)

Analysers are now very affordable; I would spend my $$$ on an analyser
rather than a 1 GHz scope.
1488 2008-03-01 10:02:15 Jim Miller Re: Ghz Scopes?
hi kerry

thanks for the info. i'm so used to using a scope as my first tool i forgot
about the probe issues, etc.

i'm working on my first spectrum analyzer now and will build the slim
version of the ssa once it's ready so i'll be able to go to 1 or 2 ghz with