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14570 2018-03-03 15:51:58 Rod cheap logic analyzer
Hi All,

Some time ago I  purchased a Saleae 8ch logic analyzer when they were
still cheap. I used it, and enjoyed it for about a year.

Then, an ESD accident blew the Saleae. I looked online and did not like
the new Saleae prices, so I purchased a cheap
Saleae clone. See


Unfortunately, the folks at Saleae got upset at all the clones, and
changed their software so that it would not work with the clones.

So, I went to the USBee web site to get software, only to find out they
wanted $20 for it. I did not want to pay $20 for
proprietary software linked to one piece of hardware only.

After some digging I found what appears to be excellent logic analyzer
software called sigrok and PULSEVIEW.

Sigrok is the command line version, and it works on Linux, Windows, and
Mac. PULSEVIEW is the GUI on top of the command line.

Sigrok supports an impressive list of hardware analyzers, furthermore
sigrok supports
data collection from some digital mulit-meters, and digital oscilloscope


I use Linux, specifically LUBUNTU 16.04.

On Linux, PULSEVIEW provides a GUI for sigrok.

PULSEVIEW provides for decoding protocols, such as I2C, UART, CAN,
1wire, and many more.

You can install sigrok/PULSEVIEW by following these instructions:


Then, install the firmware for the USBee AX using these instructions:


Remember to add your username to the plugdev and dialout groups.

Now you have a very effective logic analyzer for about $12 !!!

Have fun...