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14408 2017-10-23 10:02:48 bwbangerter Surplus KVG crystal filters

A circuit board with three KVG crystal filters has been available from several vendors on ebay at an attractive price (~$30 US) for some time.  I have obtained the data sheets for these filters from KVG and have uploaded them to a folder “KVG” in the files area.  Sadly, the ssb filters S43 and S44 each have a 3 dB bandwidth of 3.1 KHz (+/- 1.55 KHz), making them less than ideal for ham radio ssb use.  I have also posted two schematics of the board, one from a German source with few component values, and a nice one from ZL4SAE/GW4SAE with component values.

Ben - K0IKR

14410 2017-10-24 14:40:45 rcbuckiii Re: Surplus KVG crystal filters

Thank you for posting the information. I ordered one of the boards on Oct 1. It hasn't arrived yet but I expect it in the next week or so.