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14391 2017-10-16 12:13:08 km6sn EAGLE QSD/QSE layout

Hi All,

I am on the verge of making an Eagle PCB layout for a QSD/QSE front end.

Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, does anyone have such a layout already which

they would be willing to share?



14412 2017-10-25 17:01:31 Rod KM6SN Re: EAGLE QSD/QSE layout

Ravi and all,

The schematic would be something similar to Softrock Lite II. I do not want to post someone else's work, so Google Softrock Lite II ; then click on the schematic link.

I will be using a SI570 LO and an Arduino..I have already emulated Kenwood TS440 cat functions in the Arduino,  and I will be switching TX/RX via CAT commands. I used that software to run a modified Minima TX/RX.

My first foray into PCB layout was to do an EMRFD all-pass phasing circuit. While the layout probably violated every basic law of PC layout, it worked, and worked well. With hand selected components, and an analog LO phase splitter, and SBL1 mixers, I was able to get greater than 50 db opposite sideband  selection. The all-pass network was on the PCB, and the SBL1s and phase splitter were external ugly construction.

I want to use FST3253s as the QSD/QSE 'mixers', thus the need for a PCB layout.



14413 2017-10-25 17:03:07 Rod KM6SN Re: EAGLE QSD/QSE layout
Hi All,

In the previous post I should have referenced the Softrock Ensemble
TX/RX as an example:

you can go here:


and click on the "schematics" link.