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14320 2017-09-17 21:00:07 rcbuckiii Signal leve reed relay question

I searched the forum and did not find an answer concerning using reed relays for low level switching. I know when using regular sealed relays, it is a good idea to pass a wetting current through the contacts to keep them clean.

Everything I have found reading about reed relays seems to indicate that a wetting current is not needed. The contacts are sealed inside a glass enclosure with an inert gas. Therefore there should be no oxidation of the relay contacts.

I plan to use the relays to switch the CW and SSB filters shown in Fig 8.22, page 8.14 of EMRFD. I believe at audio frequencies, leakage across the open contacts will not be a problem.

Can anyone confirm that the reed relay contacts will not need a wetting current?



14329 2017-09-18 16:55:46 rcbuckiii Re: Signal leve reed relay question
Google is your friend. Looks like no wetting current is required.