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1425 2008-02-10 13:37:48 Giancarlo NOT EMRFD - PA3AKE High Dynamic Range Front End
Yes, again about the H-Mode Mixer but this time A High Dynamic Range
Front-End by Martein Bakker, PA3AKE.

Martein has just released a complete update of his High performance
Down Conversion Front-End design based on the G3SBI H-Mode Mixer. All
the information and measurements from 160m to 6m are reported. With a
very extensive serial of additional comments. This is not "ham
poetry" but real stuff as you can see pictures of the front end unit,
from input band pass filters to the roofing IF filter.
We can see how we can achieve >120dB of dynamic range on 40m SSB
bandwidth with no special surplus or very expensive components.

There is a lot to read also for those that visited in the past PA3AKE
web page: