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1420 2008-02-06 22:04:57 Markus Hansen Re: Single Stage Norton Amp.
I first came across the single stage Norton amp in the KD6OZH's article in
QEX title The ATR-2000 Part 2 May/June 2000. Dave, GM4EVS mentioned in an
email to me that the cct comes from a article by W1JR in Nov 1984 in Ham
Radio Magazine.

I have copies of the pages from Ham Radio provided by GM4EVS in a gif format
but they are too big to attach. Maybe I can post them somehow but still
learning all the in's and out's of this group and not sure how to do that

All I can say is thanks to W1JR as this cct sure has been a winner for me.

Markus Hansen
VE7CA, North Vancouver, BC CANADA
Web site: http://www.shelbrook.com/~ve7ca/

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