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14144 2017-07-07 19:20:00 augustinetez VK5TM DDS Xtal Sub

It's been a couple of years since I published the DDS Xtal Substitute project using the AD9850 modules so thought it time for a bit of an update.

The update removes the original input switching arrangement in both the original and Mk2 version and replaces it with two push buttons to step up or down through the frequencies.

Also, the calibration routine can be performed at any power on as opposed to having to reprogram the PIC (this caused some grief for some people previously).

The update is on the original Xtal Sub page URL http://www.vk5tm.com/homebrew/xtal_sub/xtal_sub.php and the original page that was there is available to download as a PDF at the bottom of the page.

I would also like some feedback (offline please) on whether anyone is interested in having the Simple VFO use push buttons instead of a rotary encoder for frequency up/down.

Terry VK5TM