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141 2006-09-12 15:27:31 kilocycles Capacitors used in Transmitter PA filter applications
Hi group,
Something I've been wondering about for awhile is the method for
determining the RF power handling capability of fixed capacitors used
in the output filter stage of a transmitter. Typically, I've seen
silver micas specified for that application. What would be the
correct method of determining the RF power capability of, say, a Kemet
Golden Max multilayer ceramic cap in the pF ranges calculated for
typical low pass filter configurations rated at 200 or 500 volts?
Their data sheets provide some useful information, but I'm not sure
how to integrate that into a calculation.

Could these low dissipation factor, C0G type 200 or 500 volt caps be
used in an amp up to say, 20 to 30 watts output at HF? There are
significant cost and availability advantages over silver micas if this
is feasible.

Tnx es 72/73,