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14068 2017-06-26 15:57:28 Gary Johnson Affordable high-power RF caps
If you have built very high-power RF filters, matching networks, or traps, you know that suitable fixed capacitors are expensive and hard to find. I’m talking about those with ratings well over 1 kV and capable of handling many Amps of RF current reliably. There turns out to be a little-known source of affordable caps, courtesy of Ebay and the Russian military surplus market. I was clued into this by VA6AM, who (along with 4O3A), makes very high power bandpass filters and triplexers used by those of us running SO2R and multi-operator contest stations.

These are doorknob-style caps with a negative tempco, typically N470 or N1500, and often rated in kVARs as well as kV. Prices are quite reasonable, considering what you’re getting. They mostly come from Eastern Europe. Shipping isn’t too expensive and the last ones I ordered arrived in about two weeks. Also dig the Cyrillic writing on them :-)

On Ebay, search for “capacitor K15Y” or “capacitor KVi” or “russian doorknob capacitor"

Gary NA6O