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14032 2017-06-18 11:54:09 Chris Trask Somewhat OT: Paypal Dysfunction
I just closed my Paypal account. I had no choice. I had tried to cancel a purchase on evilBay, but the seller had bolted and evilBay had pulled the item, so a claim process could not be initiated. So, I tried to get the payment refunded through Paypal. They showed online that the seller had accepted the payment, but the Paypal employee in India insisted it was pending. They then told me I needed to change my password, so I did. That caused me to be locked out of my account. I managed to get hold of an American employee, and she fixed the problem in a couple of seconds. This morning I was locked out again, and that was enough.

Paypal has an online verification process that it broken beyond repair. It will not let you add a new phone number so you can receive and send a text for verification, and a second method they have has them call you and you punch in a 4-digit number, then says that you are verified, but then you find that you really aren't. The third method requires that you send them an image of some personal data, like a driver's license, but I'm not sending anybody anything that can be used for identity theft..

The problem is basically this: Paypal used to be a subsidiary of evilBay, and I guess their IT people (computer dorks) are still under the same roof. Those IT people are about as dysfunctional as you can possibly imagine, crippling evilBay time and time again due to incompetent management. Looks like they've move on to crippling Paypal as well for more entertainment.

I simply cannot trust them with my credit card information.


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14033 2017-06-18 14:22:48 cwfingertalker Re: Somewhat OT: Paypal Dysfunction

If you use your credit card for payment to PayPal try calling your credit card company to stop payment.  You might have better luck with the credit card company rather than PayPal.

Bill N7EU