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1396 2008-02-04 07:41:23 bkopski SIMPLE HB CABLE HOLDER
The posted photos suggest what has proven to be a simple, effective
way to store cables and test leads around my shack. This HB approach
is inexpensive and labor-light. I actually have four variously sized
versions located where wall space permits.

The actual cable / test-lead holding is done with finishing nails. I
have used different length nails ranging from 2 ½" to 3 ½" long. The
nails are set in pairs in which the spacing varies from about ¼" to
about ½" to accommodate a variety of cable / connector types.

I've used various scraps of wood (e.g. ranch molding) all about ½"
thick and then located and drilled holes at the nail locations. The
holes are drilled undersize for the particular nail diameter to
assure a snug hold without much risk of splitting the wood. The
nails are driven so as to not protrude out the back side, and the
wood strip assemblies are then wall mounted with 2 screws.

Properly spaced, the finishing nail heads afford just enough
resistance to discourage cables from slipping out of the holder but
not so much as to make hanging cables difficult.

Incidentally, some (but not all) finishing nails can have some not-so-
smooth heads with distortions and burrs that should be removed to
avoid abrading wire insulation. In these cases I've first chucked
the nails in a drill and spun the heads against sand paper or a
grinder to smooth `em out. Now, if only I could find a way to
magically expand my bench space without moving walls …..!

Cordially and 73,
1397 2008-02-04 12:11:52 jr_dakota Re: SIMPLE HB CABLE HOLDER
What I use are old slotted wiring duct I scrounge like this
http://cableorganizer.com/wire-duct/narrow-slot.html ... it comes in 6
ft or so long pieces so there are always a couple of pieces 1-2ft long
that get thrown out by the electricians

I just slice them down the middle and get two cable holders with
predrilled holes every 1"-4" ... I have 4 in this room, 1 for guitar
cords, 1 for audio cords, 1 for computer cords and one for radio cords
plus two