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1375 2008-01-25 10:35:00 Brad Hedges Guanella paper
Wes and all,

The original Brown-Boveri Journal paper by Guanella is reprinted in the book
"Classic Works in RF Engineering" (Walker/Meyer/Trask), which is available
from Amazon for ~$100. I wouldn't mind buying it - it looks pretty
interesting, and one reviewer says anybody working with HF magnetics should
have it. but I'm getting ready to retire and move, so another hundred bucks
on a book I'll have to move in a month or two is not recommended by the XYL.
Anybody have a copy?

FWIW, and 73,



Bradley D. Hedges

Amateur Radio AL4T

Sergeant First Class, Infantry

82d Airborne Division


Posted by: "Wes Hayward"
ION%20FOLLOWUP> wesw7zoi@gmail.com <http://profiles.yahoo.com/w7zoi>

Thu Jan 24, 2008 12:27 pm (PST)

Hi Alberto, and group,

The term "Guanella" balun is exactly the correct term for the thing
that we often call a current balun. I've been trying for 40 years
now to get a copy of the original reference. It is one of those
things that was published in an extremely obscure journal, yet it is
a paper that has become a central foundation for much of what we
do. Most frustrating.

Those were fun times with good people. I'm still looking for the
paper though.

73, Wes, w7zoi

> Is that what others call the "Guanella" balun, or is that a
completely different beast ?
> 73 Alberto I2PHD

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1376 2008-01-25 10:53:11 Leon Re: Guanella paper
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1386 2008-02-01 14:44:18 Ray Anderson Re: Guanella paper
I found a scanned copy of the original Guanella article from the Sept.
1944 edition of the Brown-Boveri Journal and have placed it in the
groups Files section.

The filename is guanella.pdf