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13739 2017-03-29 14:36:10 don New copy of EMRFD

I have excess to my needs a brand new shrink wrapped copy of EMRFD, revised first edition that I would like to get $39 plus shipping for.  If buyer will be attending the 4SQRP OZARKCON conference in Branson MO in another 10 days, I can deliver in person and save shipping costs on Saturday only.  If to be shipped, PayPal is preferred and I'll let you know the actual postage costs via media mail.  If in person at OzarkCon, cash only please.

This book is in 100% perfect condition, in the original shrink wrap as sold by the ARRL.

EMRFD = "Experimental Methods in RF Design" and I paid $44.95 for it plus shipping.  I still have my original first edition copy marked up extensively for my own continued use.

Don AE5K

13740 2017-03-30 03:20:07 don Fwd: New copy of EMRFD

The EMRFD book has been spoken for, pending receipt of funds.  Thanks for all the interest.

Don AE5K

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Subject: New copy of EMRFD
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