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1346 2008-01-19 08:14:43 bkopski Experimenter's Tool
Very often I find it desireable to temporarily "probe in" capacitance
in a circuit breadboard / assembly. Over the decades I've come to rely
on HB "pF Stix" - a broad range of capacitors glued on the end of an
insulating probe. I use values from 1 pF thru 10 uF, and I've done
this both in the shack and in the professional lab.

An accompanying photo shows what I mean. I've found that the "stick"
part can be wood dowel, plastic rod, or plastic tubing and that it's
best to cut a small notch in the end to "nest" both the cap. and some
adhesive. Hot glue works great for this purpose. BTW - often the
local hobby shop will have various sized wood dowel and telescopic
plastic tubing under the application nomen of "push rods" or "control

Happy Experimenting,