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13363 2016-12-15 17:49:31 n4dsp_john Billion Accounts Hacked
Due to the one billion accounts which were hacked on yahoo and the extent of it was not disclosed until today I am deleting my yahoo account.

Thanks for the help over the years and everyone have a Merry Christmas.


13364 2016-12-15 19:36:56 Kevin Timm Re: Billion Accounts Hacked
Just bear in mind the hack was 2-3 years ago and the extent is finally known.

73 de K5KDT
13365 2016-12-15 19:38:07 Jim Strohm Re: Billion Accounts Hacked
You don't have to have a yahoo account to use the groups.  Get a google address, or, if you're an ARRL member, an ARRL.org email account. 

Since ARRL membership is so puny compared to the billions and billions of (vulnerable) yahoo accounts, the likelihood of getting hacked is much lower.

Hackers go for the numbers.  Hence the gazillions of attacks via Microsoft applications, Java, etc.  If you can only get money from 0.0001% of your targeted hack victims, the smart money is always on the hacker exploits that attack the largest pool of potential victims.
Hope to see you back soon, John


13378 2016-12-18 21:47:15 Andy Re: Billion Accounts Hacked
   "You don't have to have a yahoo account to use the groups."

Yes, but, without a Yahoo account, one's access to a group is somewhat limited, isn't it?  You can get all the messages, but I think you're out of luck when someone uploads a file to the group.

I think.

If there is a way to do this without a Yahoo account, I'd love to hear about it.

   "... compared to the billions and billions of (vulnerable) yahoo accounts ..."

I don't understand all the fuss about the hacked Yahoo accounts.  It's not like they get your credit card numbers, or names of your firstborn.  It's just a braindead email account.  I've got my Yahoo account, hut I don't use it for anything beyond Groups.


13379 2016-12-18 22:28:45 Eamon Egan Re: Billion Accounts Hacked
Andy you are right, it's no big deal if all you're using the Yahoo account for is groups.

Its a big deal if you're using Yahoo for an important email address, and you worry it's been compromised  for over a year without you knowing, or you simply don't trust it won't be compromised again soon.


13390 2016-12-19 20:06:59 augustinetez Re: Billion Accounts Hacked
I don't have Yahoo email and have no problems accessing any of my Yahoo groups.

Terry VK5TM
13391 2016-12-19 20:35:30 Andy Re: Billion Accounts Hacked
Terry (VK5TM) wrote:

   "I don't have Yahoo email and have no problems accessing any of my Yahoo groups."

Are you saying you don't have a Yahoo account?  Or do you mean that you don't use Yahoo email?  Every (well, almost? every) Yahoo account comes with email, whether or not you know it or use it.

But the thing I wonder, is how does one access the Members-only restricted portions of a Yahoo!Group without being logged in to one's Yahoo account?

As far as I know, it's impossible.  I've tried it, and failed.  If I go to https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/emrfd/files it denies access unless I am signed in.

How does Yahoo know who you are if you are not logged into a Yahoo account?


13392 2016-12-19 21:41:39 anglerhamming@out... Re: Billion Accounts Hacked
I canceled my Yahoo memberships 2 years and rejoined with a gmail account. In November of this year, I again canceled my Yahoo memberships and rejoined with an outlook.com email address. I don't even bother to check those accounts for mail.

The little red circle at the top right of this page says I have 7 items of mail. That means (I think) that Yahoo has attempted to forward 7 weekly digests to my outlook email, but I do not have outlook.com linked to Yahoo. They do not have my password to link to that email account, which is the whole point.

The only downside is that I am able to use only the "anglerhamming..."email address as my "ID" instead of "kx4om" like I used to do when I had a Yahoo email address. Well, that and the fact that if someone wants to contact me off the group, I'd have to give them an email address in order to do that.

Ted, KX4OM
13393 2016-12-20 09:42:40 mvs_sarma@ymail.c... Re: Billion Accounts Hacked
do you mean that you have ensured that your yahoo account is really cancelled?
 if you think stooping to use is  cancelling, some one else could use your account and misuse that the tractability might land on you.
 I too have to study the procedure to effectively close yahoo mail
13394 2016-12-20 11:13:45 Andy Re: Billion Accounts Hacked
Ted wrote:

   "The little red circle at the top right of this page says I have 7 items of mail. That means (I think) that Yahoo has attempted to forward 7 weekly digests to my outlook email ..."

No, I think that means Yahoo has 7 items of your mail, that it is holding for you, in your Yahoo account which wasn't deleted.

Presumably (and I'm fairly certain this is true) Yahoo doesn't have any access to one's Gmail or Outlook accounts, so it can't tell what you've got in those (its competitors') accounts.  If it has emails waiting for you, then it knows who YOU are, which I think by definition means it has an account for you.


13395 2016-12-20 16:18:49 augustinetez Re: Billion Accounts Hacked
Sorry, should have clarified, I don't have a Yahoo email account.

When the mouse pointer inadvertently moves across the 'Mail' icon at the top of the 'Groups' webpage, I get a message 'can't preview mail.....'

From memory, you didn't need to sign up for an email account when setting up a Groups account several years ago.

I do have a Yahoo account to access the Groups.

13396 2016-12-20 19:39:23 Andy Re: Billion Accounts Hacked
   "When the mouse pointer inadvertently moves across the 'Mail' icon at the top of the 'Groups' webpage, I get a message 'can't preview mail.....'"

That same thing happens to me all the time too.  I think it's a Yahoo bug, or an incompatibility with some web browsers.

But I can open email in my Yahoo account.

I created the Yahoo account many years ago for the sole purpose of signing up for Yahoo!Groups.  I never signed up for Yahoo email.  But It's one of the things that comes along for free when signing up for Yahoo access to Groups.

I don't use the Yahoo email either.  I check it a few times a year in case there is something important.

   "I do have a Yahoo account to access the Groups."

Is there any way to access Groups (I mean access them, not just send/receive messages) without a Yahoo account?


13397 2016-12-20 21:28:55 anglerhamming@out... Re: Billion Accounts Hacked
No, when I opened this account a few weeks ago, I had no red circle over the "Mail" icon. When I mouse over to it now, it shows partial information that I have 5 group updates, and I have 2 "You have a message from..." that appears. When I click the Mail icon, a screen comes up that says:

"Welcome to Yahoo Mail
You're signed in as anglerhamming@outlook.com.
You can receive and organize your emails from Outlook using Yahoo Mail. Sign in to Outlook to get started."

But the point is, I don't want to do that, and I never intended to do that when I discovered that I could get access to the Yahoo Groups without a Yahoo email account.

When I left Yahoo the two previous times, I unsubscribed from each group, and then (in the cases where I had a Yahoo email, and then where I had a linked gMail account) I canceled the email accounts. Neither Google nor Outlook.com retain email data from canceled accounts beyond a period of time (90 days for each; I have canceled several gmail accounts and outlook.com accounts in the past.)

Are there vestiges of my canceled emails still out there? Very likely, because I doubt if they perform secure deletion of that unwanted data. It is probably overwritten by new data when required on the servers. There are still all of my previous files and photos on Yahoo's servers for all of the Yahoo groups I belonged to in the past. On this group, my ham-qrp.lbr file is still here since July, 2007 (it is an Eagle CAD library that I made that contains useful custom parts and frequently used parts.)

I do not reuse passwords, so whatever was hacked 3 years ago is of dubious value to the hackers. I never use "secret answers" to help me log in if I were to forget my password. I never use real data for name and date of birth, location, etc. I've been acutely aware of the security of information and the difficulty of secure encryption since I began studying for my MS in Information Systems from 1998-2000.

I recommend everyone to check out Bruce Schneier's site at Schneier on Security. I receive his monthly newsletter. I highly recommend his book, "Data and Goliath." I have it on Kindle. One of my texts during my graduate years was Schneier's "Applied Cryptography."

Ted, KX4OM


Ted, KX4OM
13398 2016-12-21 08:34:31 DuWayne Schmidlko... Re: Billion Accounts Hacked

I have a Yahoo mail account that is linked to my Yahoo group account.  This mail account is used as a SPAM/Junk mail account.  When I visit a site to request information that requires a e-mail address, I give them the Yahoo address.  This account was set up with no REAL personal information other than my name.  Every couple of weeks I scan through the mail in this account, forward what I want to my actual e-mail, and delete the rest.  

For the groups I purchased a program for around $25 called ' PG Offline 4'.  This allows me to download all Photos, Files, and messages to my PC.  Once I have the messages there, the program has fairly good sorting and searching capabilities.  After the initial down load, it is just a single click to refresh, and get all new messages.

I had set up the groups to deliver messages by e-mail and then using filters to sort them to individual folders, but find this program easier to use.  And I was able to get messages from before I joined the group.

No connection with the program, other than the fact I find it very useful.

DuWayne  KV4QB