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13342 2016-12-07 07:40:22 joe living Re: Crumbling 'Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur'
I gave my 1977 edition to a fellow QRP/Homebrewer years ago. The pages still looked good. I kept the more recent editon and it is pristine. Something to do with the acid in the paper I think.

Joe W3GW
13344 2016-12-07 08:23:59 bob_ledoux Re: Crumbling 'Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur'
I have to come clean.

My copy of SSDRA also has a separating binding.  But this was my own fault:

Years ago I built one of W7EL's Optimized QRP transceivers from 1980.  I wrote Roy a letter expressing my interest and he sent me a stack of papers relating to the rig.  After building the rig I stored the papers in my most revered place--within the pages of SSDRA.

Mea culpa

13345 2016-12-07 08:49:08 Dave Daniel Re: Crumbling 'Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur'
One can repair that type of binding by using one of the semi-plastic book binding adhesives available from companies such as Demco or Gaylord. Sometimes some binding tape used with the adhesive is necessary. I've done this many times.

I also always cover so-called "trade-paperback" bound books with clear shelf paper, such as that made by Con-Tact and available in many DYI stores. I fold the shelf paper over the edges of the boards of the book so that the paper edges and corners don't become frayed or torn.


13346 2016-12-07 09:56:57 Ashhar Farhan Re: Crumbling 'Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur'
the crumbling paper is acid and bleach used in the paper manufacturing that eats the paper away. moisture, for a change is good for the books, it keeps the pages from getting brittle. this is why libraries and archives are air conditioned : to control temperature.
if the pages are already broken, then there is little you can do, if the book is still usable, it might be good to place it in your cigar humidor for a bit. what! you don't smoke cigars? you aren't a vegan, are you?

- f