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13213 2016-10-20 18:15:42 bass.woofer@gmail... Looking for advice (and may WTB) -- coax crimp tools, connectors, ca

Good EMRFD folks,

I'm sorry to ask such a fundamental question, but I can't think of a more diverse group of RF experts to ask.   This is only loosely related to EMRFD projects.

From time to time I have the need to make up a coax cable, however, I'm behind the times and am in need of "jump starting" myself regarding "tooling up" (on a budget) to make a variety of RF cables (none over 1GHz), and/or affixing cables on the end of antennas, adapters, etc.

I've been eyeballing these crimp tools, but I fear I'll end up with JUNK and yet I am not ready to invest hundreds of dollars in major brand tools -- anyone have any input on these or similar crimpers?  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KNC6E4G/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A20VW719PXYUCR

Pasternack has some very nice looking crimp tool kits, but they are very expensive, this is for ham radio, on a budget, I am not making a commercial product yet I am hoping for professional quality terminations.

I don't have a "stock" of coax for my cables, nor connectors but my goal is to use whatever high quality cable/coax I can get for a bargain, to make connections I can depend on, for example I'm in the field and need to depend on my cable, or on my bench doing testing.

I may choose to attach an N, a SMA, or BNC (or others) -- usually but not always male, to a variety of coax -- all 50ohm, typically RG8, Mini-8, RG58, 89907 (RG58A/U 10baseT) perhaps RG-141, 142, 180, RG316 perhaps - mostly milspec, some LNR type cable for long runs / extremely low loss (up to LNR400), others depending on what I can find and buy within my budget and the application.

BTW, if anyone has for sale any extra low-loss coax + and compatible connectors, crimpers (a "kit"),I may be interested in buying -- looking for RG142 or similar, low-loss, milspec type cable with connectors (mainly I will use "N", BNC, SMA, RG142, RG174/RG180, RG58).  I would prefer to get enough cable that I can avoid having to buy multitudes of crimpers and connectors.    A big factor for me on the cable is low loss due to relatively long runs I'll need to make to get around my place.

Sorry for the long posting.   In googling, I am not finding exactly what I need, for example, if those Amazon crimpers would work for most of what I need to do, I am not sure which RF connectors would be compatible...

Is it advisable to standardize on solderless (crimp center pin and shield) or only crimp shield, w/solder center pin?

Perhaps if you could let me know what YOU use, and why, it may save me significant $$$ I can then use to stuff my junk box with RF parts for the winter projects!!!!

Thank you,


13218 2016-10-26 05:31:34 drmail377 Re: Looking for advice (and may WTB) -- coax crimp tools, connectors
I have a pair of crimpers that are similar to the ones shown in the Amazon link you provided. Mine is a little different in that there is one handle and several sets of replaceable bits for different sized crimps. The set cost around $20 roughly eight years ago when I bought them at a shop in Sim Lim Tower, Singapore. Mine work great, but I haven't seen sets with replaceable bits since; just crimps with fixed bits. If the Amazon deal is indeed $55.90 for two different size crimp tools, and if they don't rape you on the shipping, and if what you see is what you get (lotta 'ifs' in there), then the Amazon deal looks OK to me. 73's, David WB4ONA

P.S. When it comes to crimpable center conductors, where possible I always solder sweat them on. I don't trust crimps alone.
13220 2016-10-26 16:57:06 kerrypwr Re: Looking for advice (and may WTB) -- coax crimp tools, connectors
The kind with interchangeable jaws are quite common; their generic description is HT-336 and Google finds lots of them.

I have two frames; the first, bought over ten years ago, was one of these;


The second, bought about 7 or 8 years ago, was one of these;



(These are, of course, from Australian suppliers but equivalents should be found almost anywhere).

Each takes a slightly-different shape of jaw; see here;


I have, in all, about 4 sets of jaws; some for co-ax and one for electrical terminals.

I have used them quite a lot and they are still working as-new; a mid-price-range one should serve you well.

Kerry VK2TIL.


13222 2016-10-26 19:09:20 Ronan McAllister Re: Looking for advice (and may WTB) -- coax crimp tools, connectors
Thank you kindly Kerry and others!  This jump start really helps.