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1311 2008-01-12 12:22:37 bkopski AADE L/C Meter Fixture / Adaptor
This post with two associated photos (AADE Fixture1.jpg and AADE
Fixture2.jpg) suggests a simple fixture / adaptor for use with this
popular instrument. This HB device greatly facilitiates repetitive
measurements of radial leaded components. This includes crystals (as
in the photo), capacitors, and inductors that can simply plug in to the
female sockets as shown.

I used a single-sided pc board notched to fit under the Meter terminals
with a simple cut in the copper side to isolate the two connector
paths. A section of strip sockets was cut to include 6 females on 0.1"
centers with three on each side of the board conductor center cut.
This accomodates a wide range of component lead spacings.

In use, just "zero out" the AADE with this adaptor in place and then
proceed to insert components being sure that each lead falls into the
appropriate side of the socket strip array center.

1314 2008-01-12 15:50:33 kerrypwr Re: AADE L/C Meter Fixture / Adaptor
Similar fixture used here;


SMD devices can be placed across the gap and held down with a
toothpick or a home-made Kelvin clip is used;

1315 2008-01-12 17:29:41 jr_dakota Re: AADE L/C Meter Fixture / Adaptor
I could have sworn mine came with an adapter already .... maybe I did
make it myself, it's been a few years ... in fact I had to replace the
header a month ago, I done wore it out ...

It's like my digital milliwatt meter ... how did I ever get along
without it?


1317 2008-01-13 12:25:31 Nick Kennedy Re: AADE L/C Meter Fixture / Adaptor
Timely because I just got through torturing my fingers trying to
select some silver micas out of a batch of 100 for a crystal filter,
using a set of very stiff aligator clips lugged to the AADE's

That's a nice looking fixture. I suppose those sockets are SIMM or
SIPP or whatever, sockets? Like some of us use for crystals? How do
they do on slightly larger leads? These SMs have leads about .0025 in
compared with about 0.002 for an HC49/U crystal. I suppose finding a
slightly larger socket and soldering it on alongside the SIMMs will
allow accepting the larger leads.

73--Nick, WA5BDU
1322 2008-01-13 14:23:59 bkopski Re: AADE L/C Meter Fixture / Adaptor
Hi Nick, et al

The sockets pictured are cut from a strip of 3M 929 series 0.1" PC
Board Mount Socket Strips, Mouser 517-850-01-36. They normally mate
with pin strips eg Mouser 517-834-02-36, among others. The latter have
0.025" sq pins, so component leads of 0.025" would be just fine. I
verified this using a piece of #24 wire - which is 0.025" dia nominal.
Incidentally, my crystal leads are 0.016" diameter and these work OK as
well. You might want to recheck those 0.002" leads