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13087 2016-08-18 18:26:06 kf8zn Minicircuits ADE-1 Question
Will the ADE-1 mate to a SOT23-6 breakout board?

13088 2016-08-18 23:01:29 mvs_sarma@ymail.c... Re: Minicircuits ADE-1 Question

I suppose NO
  sot23-6 is much smaller.
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Will the ADE-1 mate to a SOT23-6 breakout board?

13089 2016-08-18 23:02:07 Mvs Sarma Re: Minicircuits ADE-1 Question
IMHO it is a NO

sot23-6 is much smaller.
 perhaps dip6 with modified pads as smd might suite.

13090 2016-08-18 23:07:26 kerrypwr Re: Minicircuits ADE-1 Question
No; the ADE-1 pin spacing is considerably larger than the SOT-23-6 spacing.


Kerry VK2TIL.
13091 2016-08-19 06:53:04 Cecil Bayona Re: Minicircuits ADE-1 Question
From that photo it looks like the ADE-1 will mate to the outer pins of the adapter, maybe one would need to bend the pins to be flat and going out from the package but it looks doable. Solder the header pins first, then flatten the pins on the ADE-1, the solder it to the pin pads, it will most likely work, I would do one more thing, cut the traces going to the SOT-23-6 pads.

13092 2016-08-19 07:36:03 Ashhar Farhan Re: Minicircuits ADE-1 Question

it solders very well onto a 6pin dip footprint

13093 2016-08-20 04:30:42 raccoonnyc Re: Minicircuits ADE-1 Question
Try Dan's Small parts and kits.
and scroll down to the label "1 Piece Mini Circuits Labs ADE-1 Level 7 Mixer.

Plus Circuit Board.

Just make sure you follow Dan's protocol for ordering - Amazon he is not :).

Tom, ak2b
13094 2016-08-20 06:14:09 Graham Re: Minicircuits ADE-1 Question
I have not been paying very close attention to this thread, busy week at
work. Perhaps what I suggest has already been suggested.

I don't recall if the original poster described just what he was doing
but I can at this point guess. It may be that the need was to use an
ADE-1 mixer like a DIP IC or perhaps have some way to use easily use it
in project using Manhattan style construction.

In any case, the ADE-1 is by itself 0.3" wide which is the width of a
normal DIP IC but also has lead spacing of 0.1" which is the same as DIP
parts. The ADE-1 will fit nicely on a PCB proto board have 0.1" hole
spacing BUT it will cross 4 traces (i.e. 0.4") - not quite but nearly
so. If you had a protoboard with 0.1" hole spacing you could solder the
ADE-1 so that the leads are "just" touching the the line of holes at
0.4" spacing and then mount legs of some sort but this might be too
fiddly for some.

Better choices might be to find a piece of VeroBoard which as traces and
holes spaced 0.1" and cut out a suitable sized piece. A picture is worth
a thousand words, see here for a description of veroboard and you should
immediately understand:

http://www.zen22142.zen.co.uk/Prac/vero_circ/vero.htm a picture of a
piece board is just a short distance down the page.

You might be able to find suitable substitutes on eBay:


And there are these two interesting PCB adapters: (looks like same
seller, different accounts)



And maybe the better choice for many might be Rex's MePads:

http://www.qrpme.com/?p=product&id=MEP for Manhattan construction and
can convert SOIC to DIP or provide and easy way to mount DIP packages
(among other uses).

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

On 2016-08-20 11:30, tom@portronix.com [emrfd] wrote:
> Try Dan's Small parts and kits.
> http://danscloseoutsandspecialdeals.com/specialdealsandleftovers.html
> and scroll down to the label "1 Piece Mini Circuits Labs ADE-1 Level 7
> Mixer.
> *
> Plus Circuit Board.
> *"
> Just make sure you follow Dan's protocol for ordering - Amazon he is
> not :).
> Tom, ak2b
13095 2016-08-20 07:08:12 Ashhar Farhan Re: Minicircuits ADE-1 Question
By putting the ADE-1 part on a veroboard you are essentially reducing its high performance considerably at the higher frequencies. instead, just mount it dead-bug style on a copper clad board. solder 1,4,5 with thick copper wire to the copper ground. that is about as good a mounting as you can get. i have used this upto 180 MHz with absolutely no problem.

- f