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12966 2016-06-20 05:50:38 Ashhar Farhan The PLL of the Raspberry Pi
Hi gang,

The Rapberry Pi has a pretty wide ranging PLL. Some of the more adventerous folks have even coaxed it to produce FM (by swinging the frequency around), there is a bloke who even got it to do SSB! 
Does anyone have a raspberry pi and a noise measuring setup? It might be interesting to evaulate this for noisiness.

here is where you start :

- f
12967 2016-06-21 02:14:05 Stephen Farthing Re: The PLL of the Raspberry Pi

The bloke is my friend Guido PE1NNZ who I will be sharing a room with for the three days of the Friedrischaven hamfest ( the European equivalent of Dayton but with a better flea market! ) . If anyone from the list is around it would be nice to chat over a beer or soft drink. 

Happy trails,

Steve G0XAR