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12954 2016-06-10 10:36:45 farhanbox@gmail.c... filter design and evaluation by grant hansell

from a seconf hand book store off the brigades, bangalore, while searching for russian maths texts, i came upon this slim volume on filter design. it reminded be of clarkes tables. published in 1969, it is an expansion of the brief chapter of filters in emrfd.

has anyone else used this book. it has made its way to my shack bench along with emrd, ssd, irfd, zverev.

- f

12955 2016-06-10 11:42:42 Ronan McAllister Re: filter design and evaluation by grant hansell

Farhan, sounds like you are writing about an exciting, rare 60s Era spy novel !!

Any details about the author, title, etc, or did the ink fade?


73s, Ronan, kb6nhq