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1283 2007-12-28 08:13:22 Alan Melia Phase Noise Measurements..agn
Thanks Chuck that indicates that I saw the article in RF Design (not EDN or
Electronic Design as I first thought ) that I used to have a free sub to
before they stopped issuing free subs in the UK.

Thanks to all for for the various references. I guess a system to handle
just one frequency is not too restricting to a radio amateur.....we can
always trade time for money, which professionals often cannot. Which reminds
me I have a GR sliding coax "line-stretcher" I picked up for peanuts at a
local "FleaMarket" which could be useful for the phasing......... "It's got
funny connectors" !!

From memory the LPF had a 100kHz corner but oddly was mis-matched to the IF
port at the mixer "to get a higher level output" (it may have been matched
at RF with 50 ohms in series with the input shunt capacitor) ........I did
wonder about that at the time. I would imagine +17dBm mixers would be a
good starting point. You could do a lot then with a good sound card SA
program ??

Cheers and HNY de Alan G3NYK