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12829 2016-05-16 07:20:19 bob_ledoux Yahoo Syrup
Am I the only one finding Yahoo groups very slow to load?


12830 2016-05-16 07:34:29 Jim Strohm Re: Yahoo Syrup
It might be heavy traffic on the yahoo superproxy.  Try logging out of your network, flushing your browser cache, and rebooting. 

That should sever any semi-permanent link you have with a yahoo superproxy, and if there's bad network traffic anywhere, the IP network will automatically route you around it -- and likely to a different yahoo superproxy with much less occupancy for now.

It's good for all of us to know about these things, because it may foretell similar issues for users in similar areas of the network, in your cse the Pacific Northwest.


12834 2016-05-17 03:07:59 Alan Melia Re: Yahoo Syrup
Hi Bob No you are not alone, I moderate several groups and whilst the
welcome page apprears quickly I am finding the page does not load (or even
start to load) the content for 85 seconds. It is not local access as my
connection is idling during this time waiting for download. When the little
pink "loading" flag occurs the page functions are available quickly and
there do not seem to be delays after that. Cynically I suspect Yahoo of
removing server bandwidth from Groups in their present financial problems to
make their main revenue services more attractive. I an in the UK.