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12798 2016-05-06 23:35:48 sohosources RG-11 Center Conductor?
Hi, gang,

I just acquired a 1000-foot spool of RG-11 coax.

I have never noticed this previously, but the center conductor of this particular cable (Product # S1D60VV-B-R1K) is 14-gauge copper-coated steel -- sorta like Copperweld.

I see on the spec sheet that the cable was swept from 5 to 3000 MHz (0.96 dB loss per 100 feet at 55 MHz), but I'm wondering if there's any potential problem with using it down to 160 meters because of skin depth, etc?


--Kirk, NT0Z

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12799 2016-05-07 10:30:58 w3lpl2000 Re: RG-11 Center Conductor?

You've acquired "RG-11" intended for cable TV use.

The loss is somewhat higher than traditional RG-11 below about
5 MHz because of skin effect.  It should work fine for you as long
as you're not planning to use the entire 1000 feet for a single
cable run operating below 5 MHz


12800 2016-05-07 11:09:58 kb1gmx Re: RG-11 Center Conductor?
If you willing find the calculation for skin depth Vs frequency and you will find its
likely there more than enough copper on that to do the job.  You only need a few 
fractions of a hair to do it at 1mhz.

I was running a application that goes down to 3mhz and CCS (copper clad steel)
was fine.


12801 2016-05-07 14:35:32 Russell Shaw Re: RG-11 Center Conductor?
12803 2016-05-08 02:56:45 sohosources Re: RG-11 Center Conductor?
Thanks for the info.

My longest run will be 150 feet or less (MAYBE 200 feet if I have to go to Plan B).

I have used RG-6 for years, but The RG-11 has better specs...and will allow me to comfortably run a few extra watts, should I be so moved.

At $75 for the 1000-foot spool -- still in the shrinkwrap -- I couldn't pass it up. It still amazes me how contractors simply "dump" leftover materials when a big job is done...

Now, let's find a similar deal for 7/8-inch hard line. :)

--Kirk, NT0Z
  Rochester, MN