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12496 2016-03-11 11:30:24 Chris Waldrup PCB for JBOT?

I have been using a lot of Farhan's JBOT amps lately in my projects. 
I have been building them up Manhattan style  but I just wanted to find out if anyone has designed a board for this. 


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12497 2016-03-11 12:05:55 Dave Re: PCB for JBOT?
  I had some boards made but have not assembled one to test it out.

Dave - WB6DHW

12498 2016-03-11 20:40:41 freedomworld123 Re: PCB for JBOT?
Hi Dave

We have a kit or pcb option to be available soon on our ebay store.
I have the PCB for JBOT tested and also some good matching 2n2218 transistors that seem to be working okay.
Until we list the kit, you can send me an email requesting the pcb or kit.
The pcb is ready but for kit waiting for some components.
my email is vu3sua@gmail.com

best of 73s