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12223 2016-01-23 15:46:36 vasilyivanenko K3NHI Sweep System build notes + more in 1 zip file

I've complied some bench pics, Bob's schematics, operation/calibration files and some build notes from ~2012 into 1 zip file.

In this day and time, where digital-based sweep systems prevail for homebrew,  Bob's sweep system still offers much:

-- exposure to innovate + practical circuitry by a homebrew master
-- the modular design concept allows the system to work into lower UHF with appropriate VCOs
-- the power meter works for other measurement tasks
-- some already have ramp generators that might interface with Bob's PM and VCO components

Thanks to Jason, NT7S from Etherkit for hosting this file


12224 2016-01-24 05:07:45 David J Nushardt Re: K3NHI Sweep System build notes + more in 1 zip file

Many Thanks to whom ever posted this, I'd like to build this at a later date, but the documentation is so very fragmented I'm not sure if I have a complete schematic.
Nice work though,  wish someone would redo it so everything is in order and complete.

73's Dave

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12227 2016-01-24 17:03:14 David J Nushardt Re: K3NHI Sweep System build notes + more in 1 zip file

Well guess everyone is busy with family, so allow me to make a addendum to my last post.
I had some time to look over the files.

First before I forget , please forgive my mistakes, particularly with spelling, I was never very good at spelling and two strokes made it worse, some is due to typographical errors , some to poor hand eye coordination, and the rest is spelling errors.

I know I made a mistake on a earlier post  with part numbers for the analog devices power meter chip, and some simple spelling errors, hopefully most folks, get the gist of what I 'm trying to say.

With that said ,I had some time with the files for the SSG   looks like the first couple PDF's are the basic Schematic And the last few are things added or tacked on later revisions, what confused me are some of the photos.

Some of the first photos show dip switches to a bank of Npo disk capacitors , also I see some large yellow inductors , possibly T50  or 68's - 6 material that I cannot find in any of the schematics, that is why I'm thinking something is incomplete or missing .

Also confusing is I see Pictures of 3 maybe 4 different boxes for 2 possible devices SSG ,
And Utility sweep generator.

Again thanks  for taking the time and effort , to compile the information, and sharing with us, perhaps at some point someone will combine the revisions into one cohesive schematic and post it to the files section.

Which brings up the question, How does one post files and or pictures?

Thanks  everyone for your understanding, patients, and kind replies.

Hopefully we are all learning from each other.

3's Dave

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12229 2016-01-24 20:27:42 Ashhar Farhan Re: K3NHI Sweep System build notes + more in 1 zip file
I'd like to make a plug for the sweeperino. it is one of the easiest sweepers to throw together, and it has a stable software that works well. 

- f

12230 2016-01-24 20:32:59 vasilyivanenko Re: K3NHI Sweep System build notes + more in 1 zip file

Thanks for the feedback David.  I neglected to add the schematic for the crystal sweeper oscillator --- and tonight, I’ll ask the file hosters, Jason and Eugene to re-up it with that file included.

I’ve put the hyperlinks on my blog page.  http://qrp-popcorn.blogspot.ca/p/bibliography.html  


In that zip file lies about 3 dB more documentation than I and 2 others had when we independently built a well-functioning  Kopski sweep system, albeit our various boxes looked very different from each other as you see in the photos.  Same circuitry – different enclosure -- and build techniques. Many of us started in the pre-Internet era where we did not get much more than a circuit schematic and had to figure it out.  Printing out the 3 ramp generator sheets: USGb_Sch_Page 1, 2,  and3 pdf  and taping the 3 sheets together on the target marks Bob drew by hand posed my first task.   

Bob doesn’t supply a BOM, kit-like documentation -- go into how each circuit functions, nor provide the math etc., so this system is better suited for more experienced builders.  When authors share their stuff for free – I’m just appreciative they took the time to do so. Ample time for our hobby is the 1 resource that nearly all of us lack.

I think the K3NHI sweep system poses a commitment of several months to build and I posted it in a new thread for general information purposes – and not as much an answer to your particular situation -- which I thought was wisely resolved by Allison. Using your Specan to sweep your VHF filter poses a much easier choice and will accomplish the same goal. 

To post files in Yahoo groups, go to Files, create a folder and upload. Most people reduce their image size + compress them well and try not to overwhelm the limited storage space provided to each group by Yahoo.

Best to all

Todd / Vasily

13063 2016-08-09 06:19:29 Adrian Scripcă Re: K3NHI Sweep System build notes + more in 1 zip file
Hello all,

I also found the K3NHI sweeper an interesting addition to the toolbox mainly due to the possibility of setting the start and end voltages independently and I started to capture the schematic in KiCad and laying out a PCB for the sweeper. 

Let me know if there are others interested so I can share the KiCad files, perhaps we can make this a group project. Certainly the PCB will need review since I am not an expert in tracing.

Adrian, YO6SSW

13067 2016-08-09 19:07:05 David Nushardt Re: K3NHI Sweep System build notes + more in 1 zip file

Adrian, Yes I would be very interested in the sweeper files , I would be even more interested in a working board, Im in no hurry 6-12 months would be good for me count me in.

How's your 110mhz filter comming along?

A minicircuits POS 150 VCO should work nicely for sweeping the filter.


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13068 2016-08-09 22:45:35 Adrian Scripcă Re: K3NHI Sweep System build notes + more in 1 zip file
Hi Dave,

Good to hear from you. I'll finish laying out the PCB and post the link to the project on github. I'm having some difficulties with getting a one-sided PCB which was my original target. It seems like I won't get rid of vias.

Regarding the 110MHz band pass filter, I didn't get around to making it work as it should. It appears to be my nemesis :) As for POS-150, agree, it looks like a perfect VCO to be used with Bob's sweeper. Will have to get one.

Adrian, YO6SSW