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12143 2016-01-01 12:04:10 Christer Renströ... SV: Re: SV: Re: [emrfd] Re: Toroid impedance transformers
Thank you Bill! I think it's a most generous offer and I thank you for it! I don't think It'll be an arm and a leg so I wouldn't mind if you just post it and let me know after.

Thanks again!
73 de SM2UJW/ Chris 

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You're first reply, Chris. Not a hassle to send to Sweden. Books have special low shipping cost to a USA address but have no idea what the cost of shipping will be . I will go to post office tomorrow and find out the cost. Or, if that's not the deciding issue for you, I can just post it and let you know what the cost was.

12146 2016-01-01 12:24:16 Bill Carver Re: SV: Re: SV: Re: [emrfd] Re: Toroid impedance transformers
OK Chris.

I thought Jim's post was saying Amidon was selling a 4th edition of the
TLT Handbook for $12, but that $12 is a completely different book. My

But there IS both a fourth and fifth edition, and both of those added
theoretical information from K9AY on how fractional ratios can be
constructed. What I saw must have been the fourth edition, and the K9AY
addition did not have the same kind of practical information with
specific examples like Sevick himself provides, but it's still very
useful information. The second edition I can send you does not have that
K9AY chapter.

If you would like the second edition send me your address (by PM if you
wish to <bill@w7aaz.com>) and I'll get it into the mail. I have to mail
a tube (remember those?) to a friend and probably will go to the post
office tomorrow.

73 - Bill - W7AAZ