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12105 2015-12-29 17:50:58 Chris Howard w0ep VNA elmering needed

I recently picked up a retired HP VNA (8753C) and an s-parameter
test set (85047A) and I could use a bit of elmering on how to use these.

I don't have any questions right off, I'm searching for some APC-7 to N
adapters first. But even that may be a wrong move as far as I know.

If anyone has some experience with these or similar pieces of equipment
and would be open to answering stupid questions, please contact me.

12106 2015-12-29 18:14:55 wb8yyy_curt Re: VNA elmering needed

First I would look for some app notes from HP -- vector network analyzer basics.  Certainly good literature can be downloaded.  The classic book on VNA's was written by Adam, but it may be an overkill for your needs. 

Also if you are unfamiliar with S-parameters -- HP has a nice classic app note on them.  S11 and S22 relate to reflection, S21 and S12 to transmission.  Any good RF design reference (many free on line) should help here. 

A VNA is ineffective without calibration standards -- usually a short, a load, sometimes an open - and the cable to be used.  If you intend to only work at VHF and below perhaps you could make your own cal standards, otherwise its a bit of an investment to buy a 'calibration kit.' 

In the APC7 days they had these 'robot arm' cable units -- no at 3 GHz and lower I don't sense you need these. 

Your type of connector depends upon what you will be measuring.  I don't know how common APC7 to N adapters are - but of course it should work.  Likely SMA connectors are more common. 

Be patient - you have quite an instrument. 

73 Curt
12110 2015-12-30 06:11:31 Ancel Re: VNA elmering needed
Regarding calibration.

Have a look at what is actually needed for your unit.
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