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12085 2015-12-26 19:29:49 Rod r2 etc
Hi Bill,

Just this afternoon I decided to build the exact architecture you are
talking about.

I have already built three Arduino/AD9850 generators, with my own
software. One
is in a scalar network analyzer, one is in a signal generator, and the
other board
just sits on the bench. Beware, many of the Chinese AD9850 boards on
ebay are
meant for 3.3 volts!!! You can tell if the crystal gets warm on 5v, it
is a 3v device.

I use a 3.3v Arduino, a 3.3v Ad9850 board, a 5V lcd, and a 5V I2C to LCD
adapter. I run
the I2c bus on 3.3v; the LCD adapter works fine in spite of the lower
voltage I2C signals.

I am hoping someone does up the artwork for a SMT board. I have the test
and would gladly build one and report on its performance.

Please let me know how things develop there.