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11920 2015-12-01 13:28:41 w7zoi Free parts and EMRFD Errata

Hi all,

This is a double subject posting.    

First, Bob Miller, KE6F, has informed me that he still has a lot of the BF998 dual gate MOSFETs for experimenters.    He also has a nice supply of TO-220 power MOSFETs, predominantly the BUZ101 and BUZ104.     He is offering these for free if you supply a SASE.     Details are on my web site.

Item #2 is that I have altered the way errata is presented for EMRFD on my web site.    In the past, the reader had to make a choice between the earlier printings or the third printing, also known as the "revised first edition."     Frankly, it was a pain in the neck to double up on the files.    So I've backed off.   When you go to my web site and click on Errata, you get just one menu that takes you to the individual chapter errata.   It is then easy (I hope) to look at the colored figures to quickly see what items have been fixed in the 3rd printing.

My web site is at w7zoi.net

Have fun with those free semiconductors that Bob is offering.    Many thanks to Bob for his generosity.  

73, Wes


15384 2019-08-28 13:28:10 zmetzing Re: Free parts and EMRFD Errata
Note that the BF998 is now "NRND" or end-of-life. Buy 'em while they last.

--- Zach
15385 2019-08-28 21:22:54 zmetzing Re: Free parts and EMRFD Errata
Here's an interesting way to convert SMT parts to more conventional through-hole equivalents.


I've done this, but using spare bits of resistor leads instead of the pins. I'll have to give this a whirl and report back.

--- Zach
15386 2019-08-28 21:49:01 zmetzing Re: Free parts and EMRFD Errata
Looks like Toshiba is still in the race with several dual-gate FETs: 3SK291 and 3SK293. These also come in two package variants as 3SK293 and 3SK294. Both can be had in a strip of 100 for > $20 from Mouser.

Toshiba's full RF FET lineup:


--- Zach
15387 2019-08-28 23:04:33 Ashhar Farhan Re: Free parts and EMRFD Errata
The BF998 is an excellent part. I have used it even on 435 MHZ in an LNA. It does quite well as a gain controlled amplifier, three of these parts can provide over 100 db of AGC dynamic range!

- f