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11865 2015-10-31 15:58:08 w7zoi QST Spectrum Analyzer Trick or Treat

Hi all,

I got an email with info about a SA kit that is nearly complete.   The information is presented below.   Bill included a photo, but it just showed a bunch of boxes.   I decided not to include it in this posting.   We all know how fussy Yahoo is about such things, and there is a finite amount of room for photos and files.   It looked OK to me from what I could see.

73, Wes


I am disposing of the ham gear of an SK friend, W5LCM, Charlie Dobkins. Charlie was quite the builder, and he started but did not complete one of the W7ZOI/K7TAU spectrum analyzers. Mounted on one chassis there are seven small boxes with these labels: Low pass 70 MC cutoff; Log Gain; 1st LO 1st Mixer; BP Filter; 2nd LO & Mix; Resolution Filter, and Scope X (a connector label). There is also a completed board labeled “Tracking Generator”, and there is a cast aluminum box for it. There is a notebook of papers about the project and it includes a receipt for $150 from Kanga for “Spectrum Analyzer Parts” dated 8/30/99. I would like to see this go to a good home, and I am asking $150 with local pickup in the DFW area if possible, otherwise I will ship at the buyer's expense. Contact me at wks9478@charter.net, or 940-­380­-9478. Thanks, Bill K5EMI