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1186 2007-11-24 09:50:57 Roger Hayward Group Moderation Update

Well it has been a few weeks since the group's re-categorization, and
subsequent return to the Amateur Radio category within Yahoo! Groups.

Effective immediately, here's where things stand with respect to group

* New members can join without moderation.

* New members "first post" is moderated. After the first post is
cleared by the moderator, no subsequent postings are moderated. I try
to check the group site every day, provided I'm near a computer.

* Photos and File uploads have been changed to unmoderated. This
should allow you to post your content without moderation (or strife).

Group features such as daily archives & email postings of messages
are, well, still at the mercy of Yahoo's engine (not mine). If you
find you are not receiving daily digests on a regular basis, it isn't
anything I'm doing from this end.

My goal is to make this a great forum for exchanging ideas as a group,
with the least amount of moderation possible. We chose to tighten the
reigns recently, just as a precautionary measure. As long as this
model works, we'll leave well-enough alone.

Thanks much for helping make the group interesting. Keep experimenting!